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Safety Training Scotland

Safety Training Scotland

Safety Ain’t Boring

When you think of health and safety, you probably think of some boring pencil pusher telling you that you can’t pop Champagne inside and you’ve gotta wear safety goggles to play conkers.

Well, you shouldn’t!

Safety Training Scotland is a super exciting training business based in Glasgow. Pop into their bright offices and it’s immediately clear that they’re miles away from the stuffy old ‘elf and safety of old.

Since they set up shop in 2013, the boys (and girls) from Bridgeton have built up a stellar reputation and have won over huge clients like Hibernian Football Club and SSE!

The website is built on WordPress with a super intuitive course structure that allows their team to add, edit and remove courses as they will. Oh, and all their eLearning material is hosted on the site, ensuring their clients have access to materials whenever and wherever they are.

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