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Bike Up

Bike Servicing To Your Front Door

You want me to take time off work to bring my bike down to your showroom to have it service then take more time off to pick it up? Oan yer bike!

My client, Simon Bone, knew there was a problem with bike servicing. No one had the time or flexibility to take time off work, bring their bike into a shop and then take more time off to pick it up again. He thought he could use digital tech to power a new servicing process built around efficiency and convenience.

And just like that BikeUp was born.

Basically, BikeUp is Uber for remote servicing. You book your bike in, it’s collected from wherever you want, serviced remotely and then returned to a destination of your choice.

Sounds simple? That’s because it is!

If you wanna know some of the technical deets, BikeUp’s built on WordPress with WooCommerce to handle all the logistics and eCommerce.

There’s also a postcode checker to account for geographic restrictions and a fancy ass booking system to avoid double bookings.

Services Provided

  • Web Development

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Kevin Stewart

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