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What is my web development setup?

What is my web development setup?

Over my 10 years of web development I have built of some knowledge of what works best for me in my web development setup and what I have got used to over the years. If you are just starting out on your web development adventure hopefully you will find some help in this list. Just remember everything in this list might not work for you but get you on the route to finding the perfect set up!

Apple Mac

My computer of choice has always been a Mac. I have a late 2014 5k retina iMac with the 27 inch screen which I use at home and for work purposes I have a 2013 MacBook Pro with Retina Display hooked up to an external monitor for that extra screen space! I can get access to all of my apps that I need on a Mac including sketch (more about that later). You can view the latest iMac model here and the latest MacBook model here.

I occasionally do a bit of gaming on my Mac using Bootcamp & Windows. So I replaced my Apple Magic Mouse with a Logitech Performance MX mouse which has hotkeys on the side for different key binds. It also handy for my development process because I can hot link those buttons to perform different actions.

Sublime Text

If you have ever done any kind of programming in your life you have most likely heard of Sublime Text. If you haven’t done any programming in your life (what’s taking you so long?) Sublime Text is probably the most popular text editor out there when it comes to programming.


MAMP is a piece of software that allows you to run web servers on your computer so you can build websites locally before showing them to the client or putting them live. This is good because it allows you to build a full website locally on your machine with no downtime and see your updates straight away rather than uploading files via FTP.


I build all my websites using WordPress using custom built themes that way I know what code is going into my website rather than using WordPress plugins. I only use one plugin on my WordPress website builds which is Gravity Forms. This allows me to set up forms on my website without have to worry too much about the backend of the form.


After moving from Photoshop a few years ago I moved over to Sketch for all my web design needs. Sketch at the moment is probably the best software out there for web design/app design. You can also get tonnes of extensions for Sketch which increase it’s functionality even more making it the best design software out there.

Honourable Mentions

Spotify is my go to music software to get me through those long coding sessions. Transmit if I ever need to FTP any files (). We use Slack in the office to talk about anything from football or if you would rather be stuck in a room with a rabies-infested skunk or caiman. I use still use Photoshop on occasion if I need to compress any images for a website and I occasionally use Illustrator to create some vector artwork that I like to work on and of course Google Chrome is my go to browser. I also have a LED light strip that changes colours around the back of my iMac and desk which you can get from Amazon.

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